Scottish National Classes

National Dances illustrate the history of dancing and other aspects of Scottish culture and history. Their character varies wildly and not all of these dances are suitable for execution using standard competitive technique and styling.

Most National Dances were invented by dancing masters in the nineteenth century and show a more or less pronounced balletic influence, while others derive from earlier traditions and were adapted to later tastes.

The National Dances were invented to be danced by women, as women were not originally allowed to dance the Highland Dances and wear the kilt. Instead, they danced the National Dances, which are softer and more ballet-like.

Common National Dances:

  • Scottish Lilt
  • Flora MacDonald's Fancy
  • Wilt thou go to the barracks, Johnny?
  • Highland Laddie (Hielan' Laddie)
  • Blue Bonnets Over the Border
  • Village Maid
  • Scotch Measure (Twasome)
  • Earl of Errol
  • Irish Jig
  • Sailors' Hornpipe

Age requirement: The only stipulation for Scottish National is that pupils need to have completed their Pre-Bronze Highland exam.

Scottish National Dancing image