About the School

Danz Creations was established in 2006 by Lee Simpson and Jacqueline Dempster.

At Danz Creations we are fully committed to the art of dance. We work hard to introduce and instil just the right amount of self-expression, discipline and passion in each of our students. Whether a student is dancing for fun and exercise or planning to enter the arts on a professional level, we are here to guide you along the way. Our goal is to allow each dancer to experience the elements of dance: confidence, co-ordination, creativity, grace, musicality, rhythm, self-esteem, technique, an appreciation for music and dance and, above all, fun!

Danz Creations currently has a roll call of over 300 students and, as well as our city dance base, we have thriving and ever-growing schools in Balmedie and Kinellar.

We value the relationship with all parents and families alike and would encourage you to come along to our school to absorb the atmosphere and find out more.

Dance Styles

We offer a wide range of classes in styles from Highland and Scottish National through Ballet and Tap all the way to Street Dance!

We also have a Competition Team, which has competed at various events and goes from strength to strength.


Classes take place in Aberdeen, Balmedie and Kinellar. See our contact us pages for full location details, including maps.

Uniforms and Personal Grooming

We've put together information on the uniforms required for specific classes and examinations together with some useful videos - see our uniform guide for full details.

Information for Students and Parents

We have collected together various information which we hope will be useful for both new and existing students and their parents.