Useful Information

On this page we have set out a variety of information that is useful to both new and existing students and their parents.


Fees must be paid in advance at the start of term, with full payment within the first three weeks. If fees are not paid within this time, a 10% admin charge will be added to your outstanding invoice, to be paid within seven days. Fees are to be handed to the office or the class teacher in a sealed envelope with the student's name clearly marked on the front. Please also ensure that the tear-off slip from your invoice is included within the envelope - this greatly aids the process.

If paying by cheque, please write the child's name clearly on the back of the cheque - this is very important, especially if the parent/carer's surname differs from that of the child. Please make all cheques payable to "Danz Creations".

If a child decides to leave during a term, fees will not be refunded.

Uniforms and Personal Grooming

We've put together information on the uniforms required for specific classes and examinations together with some useful videos - see our uniform guide for full details.

While at Class


Discipline and good behaviour are important and expected at all times. Danz Creations reserves the right to exclude students and/or parents who are unable to comply with this.

It would be very helpful if you could let us know of any temporary or ongoing situations which you feel may affect your child's behaviour in class (e.g. family problems, bereavement, etc.).

Personal Belongings

We recommend that children take any valuables (purses, phones, etc.) with them into the studio, rather than leaving them in changing rooms.

Please get in touch if you have lost an item. Lost property is kept for a short period, but is given to charity if unclaimed by the end of the school year.

Food and Drink

To minimise spills and mess at our class venues, no food or drink is allowed in classes, except for water and a small snack for children attending classes for more than 90 minutes.

Health and Safety

Medical Issues

Where relevant, we keep a record of children's medical issues and ask you to let us know if your child has any ongoing medical conditions/issues which may affect their dancing and/or require staff to have to take action, such as asthma, eating disorders or severe allergies.


Whilst all reasonable care will be taken, neither Danz Creations nor any person employed by them will be responsible for any loss or injury suffered by a student.