Competition Team

The Danz Creations Competition Team was established in September 2015 by Danz teacher Miss Niki Mair.

During their time together, the girls have competed at various competitions in Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow and every year go from strength to strength.

Latest News

October 2017

  • The Danz Creations Competition Team Success for the Danz Competition Team
    A massive well done to our Competition Team - they only went and won a 1st for their team dance, 2nd for their junior dance and 4th for their senior dance, which means ... they are off to the Dance Champs Finals at the Caird Hall, Dundee at the end of November! We are so very proud of the Team and Niki Mair's achievements and all the hard work you have put in within class and all the extra rehearsals. Keep it up girls and you never know ... the sky's the limit. Click the image for more photographs.

May 2017

  • Cheer Festival Nationals 2017Cheer Festival Nationals 2017
    A fantastic 'well done' to our Competition Team, who took to the floor in Inverness at the 2017 Cheer Festival Nationals. Their solo, duet, trio and group routines placed resulted in a number of trophies and awards and we couldn't be prouder!
    Check out the photo gallery ...


So far, the team have taken part in the following:

  • Year 2015/16
    • February 2016 - Dance : Compete : Achieve (Aberdeen)
    • May 2016 - Cheer Festival Nationals (Inverness)
  • Year 2016/17
  • Year 2017/18
    • October 2017 - Aberdeen Dance Proms (Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen)
    • May 2018 - Cheer Festival Nationals (Inverness)
    • ... and watch this space for more!